Face My Resume

Designed to improve the recruiting process and extend better job offers to the right people. Find the experts you are looking for, with a video format resume.

Face My Resume consists of an innovative platform for recruiting candidates for both, Tech and Non-Tech positions. It provides Human Resources with better insight on candidate's experience and background, making profiles more appealing and help companies recruit the right candidate.

One of the reasons behind the creation of this app was to change how recruitment processes normally work. We take great consideration to job positions that require specific types of knowledge.

With this revolutionary platform, recruiters can identify relevant expertise, find useful information about the candidates and most importantly, hire the right person for the job.

Face My Resume is the best platform for the Candidates to search for jobs as it allows them to upload both Traditional and Video Resumes during profile submission. The major advantage of uploading selfie Introduction and Experience Video formats is, the Candidates can showcase their Technical and Soft skills in a professional way to the Hiring/Consultant Managers.

Virtualize your HR Department

Face My Resume lets your company’s HR Team work with digitalized, easy-to-read information. Communication between the company and the candidate becomes easier and once a candidate is chosen, the HR team can schedule interviews right away with a Calendar invite from our platform. Face My Resume gives HR department the tools to run a more efficient operation and ultimately select better future employees.

Take your Recruitment Process Seriously

This concept was created with the purpose of saving time in the recruitment process and giving the right follow-up procedure to your candidates. With Face My Resume, margins of error are greatly reduced as HR Teams have better tools to do their job.

How Does it Work

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or for talent to fill up a position, you will find FMR easy to understand and easier still to use. Ease of use has been one of the core design philosophies behind FMR and this belief runs through every facet of FMR.

Create a position: Open a position and mention series of questions to be answered by candidate in the video. Candidate will upload the video format of the response, as per your instructions. This will help you to categorize and get answers to the questions you want to hear first from a candidate.

Invite candidate's: Invite candidate's to respond to your question on FMR. They can upload video from web-cam or smart phone.

Access Profiles: You’ll receive real time updates on profile submissions. These submissions are stored in your profile under specific job posting; you can access them anytime.

Rate the applicant: Rate the applicant on various criteria like Communication Skills, Technical Expertise etc. you can customize rating criteria’s.

Schedule Interview: You can move candidates to Select, Reject or Maybe list. You can schedule calendar with multiple slots and don’t worry about Time Zones, our system will automatically adjust it. Candidate can accept or propose his availability.

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